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Cream and Green World Environment Day Ta



I was leaving my house and grabbed a piece of Lily's dark chocolate for the road. I put it on my knee as I was getting settled and getting the truck started etc. I forgot about it. It fell between my legs. 


My body heat and the heated seats in the truck melted that chocolate and it spread all over the back of my pants and seat. I was running behind when I arrived to the show so I jumped right out and didn't look back.


 It wasn't until AFTER the 2 hour set that I went to the bathroom and found it. I asked my friends why they didn't tell me so I could at least let everyone know it was chocolate?? 


They said well we saw it, but thought maybe you were having issues and didn't want to mention it. Seriously?!? Folks a good friend tells you to go check your pants. Just saying.


 I sat on a towel for a couple weeks because the chocolate was deep down in the holes of the black leather seats. You can still see where it was.


I was playing a restaurant where bridal parties were regulars. I always like to talk to them, ask them where they are from or when is the wedding etc.


There were some parents, 1 bride, and a couple of bridemaids at a table. I know this because their pink sashes all said it in big bright letters. I talked to them, we became aquainted, someone made a request, I played it. Things were going well.


A few min later another bride sat by the other bride. 


Never clicked.


I said "Heyyy thats cool you are both getting married are you friends or sisters or what?! So fun."


They said no we are getting married.


Still never clicked.


You are getting married, got that. I thought.  I asked something else and was still confused.


The other tables joined to help my slowness because everyone in the room caught on before I did ....


WWWEEEEEE are getting married.


OHHHHHH!! My bad. Congratulationssss. I'm sorry I'm slow. I sure love making things awkward. Let's move on now. 


Everyone in the room was dying laughing I was just trying to get myself out of the hole I had dug!  


I think of all the stories this one made me want to crawl in a hole the most lol! 

It was a songwriters round with 2 super accomplished artists and was a little intimidating already... then I made it worse... 


I mean I love making things awkward on a regular basis, but this was just not the night I was trying to do that!


I had been to a different Songwriters Festival the day before and the announcer stayed the whole time and announced each writer as they played. That was still on my mind.


 I was first up, the announcer read my bio, said "Give it up for Casey Kearney" and kinda stepped back. 


So here I go and start introducing myself getting ready to play...


Nope, he still needed to read the other 2 bios and introduce the other 2 guys sitting next to me.


Everyone was staring at me, waiting for me to catch on. It took a bit for me to realize it. I was in my own world.

And now I look obnoxious ......




It was pretty funny, but dang it will I double check before I ever start a song again!! 

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