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Hey friends! 

There are certain things I am very passionate about and adoption is one of them. Though we have not personally adopted we have come close several times, it has just not been our path. Several of my family members have joined us through this beautiful process and we could not love them more.


I believe those of us who call ourselves Christians and/or pro-life need to do whatever we can to help these mothers faced with a choice have an alternative to abortion. If we can not adopt the children ourselves then lets make sure we support the families who are answering that call. 


 I have kept up with the O'malley family and their journey becoming parents for a long time through social media. They bless my heart in so many ways and right now they need a little bit of support. 

They saved money for years and went through the process to adopt their first 2 precious boys. With no intention to adopt again, they recieved a call that the biological mother of one of the boys was pregnant again. They decided to trust God to provide the way to bring him home. 

Baby boy Elias is due in October and the O'malleys need to raise the rest of the funds to finalize the adoption and bring him home from the hospital. 

Please consider donating to this cause and/or attending the Concert on the Green at Shunk Gulley Oct 13th 4:00-8:00 to support this family and the beauty of adoption. 



P.S. Don't get me started on the madness of our adoption system and the ridiculously expensive process that it is. I get it, it is crazy... but that is another conversation for another day. Right now lets just get this baby home! 

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