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  • Based in Northwest Florida

  • Genre: Primarily Country with Pop/Rock influences

  • Set Style: Solo or Full Band

  • Originals and Covers 

  • variety of genres, old and new         

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Casey Kearney is a fresh take on the country music scene. Her personal songs effortlessly convey both the sweetness of a Southern belle and the steel backbone of a strong country woman with a little touch of rock and grit. Her music ranges from slow heartfelt ballads to upbeat crowd favorites and playful melodies. Her sound is a great representation of vibrant women everywhere.

Original Music Samples

Faster - Casey Kearney
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Easier Said Than Done - Casey Kearney
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Guns and Glitter - Casey Kearney
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"Story" Original Song by: 

Casey Kearney 

Fishing in The Dark - Casey Kearney Band

I Can't Make You Love Me Cover - Feat: Doug Kahan

You Were Meant For Me - Jewel Cover

National Anthem,

Old Spanish Trail Rodeo

Press and Reviews

Album Review

Karen Staley Writer of #1 songs such as ACM Song Of The Year "Keeper Of The Stars" by Tracy Byrd."Take Me As I Am" & "Let's Go To Vegas" by Faith Hill "On A Night Like This" by Trick Pony & many others

"I first met Casey when I was walking through an outdoor market on the Florida panhandle's 30-A. I heard a girl singing...like REALLY singing...VERY well. I went over & listened some more as her sweet daughter manned the merch table (that included not only CD's but jewelry she had handmade.) "Jewel" is the word I would use to describe Casey Kearney. Not even "diamond in the rough" because she didn't need any polishing! Turned out that when reading her CD cover when I got back home to Nashville, I saw that her producer Doug Kahan, was one of my closest friends, small world. I immediately called Doug and said "Tell me about this girl!" 


 I enjoyed the CD of her original songs so when I got the new CD of cover songs I wondered why she did it. Turns out because she has the ability to make each cover all her own. Her versatile voice, the elegant pared down production (that allow her & the songs to shine) along with the undeniable authentic respectful treatment with which she interpreted each song made total sense. A great voice singing timeless songs is always a winner.


I used to think I slayed " I Can't Make You Love Me" .....but after hearing Casey's rendition I believe I'll be retiring it from my live shows!


Casey Kearney has it all. Period."

Highway 98.1

"Guns and Glitter from Casey Kearney is a monster hit, because Casey Kearney is a monster hit! Her powerful vocals, incredible personality, and writing skills are a triple threat! Casey Kearney is a Superstar in the making!"

Album Review

Editor Chris Manson

 "You knocked this one out of the park... a fine, fine listen, and just when I thought some of those songs had been done to death you found a way to make 'em sound fresh!” 

Shannon Ireland

Show starts, soft spoken and sweet Casey Kearney.  Show continues, her first song is performed and transfomation to country/pop powerhouse occurs in an instant.  She performed all originals while playing guitar and keyboard.  The songs were written from those little things in life that occur on a daily basis.  We had a studio audience today, and they all left with huge smiles on their faces.

Album Review

Local songbird Casey Kearney has done something that few locals have ever sought to accomplish and has done it in a skillful manner- she's released an album of cover tunes. From most requested to those that hold personal meaning to Kearney, she tackles much more than country standards here. With sterling production and out-of-the-box instrumentation, it's more than an album of covers- it's a fantastic vehicle to showcase Kearney's enviable vocal range. 

Erin Chekaoui | CAM Gulf Place Community

"Casey Kearney's southern style and big voice make her a Gulf Place favorite." 

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30A Songwriters Festival

Casey has been selected to perform in the 10th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival. This is one of the largest festivals in the country featuring some of the most talented artists and writers in the business.

For more information visit www.30asongwritersfest.com

"2018 Best Country Artist"

Casey was asked to perform at the Beachcomber Music Awards X where she was also named the "2018 BEST COUNTRY ARTIST." 

The Bluebird Cafe

On a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee to play a private event Casey was given the opportunity to play at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. You can see her perform one of the songs of the evening here ...

Contact Information: contact@caseykearney.com850-797-9714 | www.caseykearney.com |

Social Media @caseykearneymusic | #caseykearney #momandmusician | 

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