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Hey Y'all!

If you don’t already know me, I am Casey Kearney, a Florida panhandle based country artist and rodeo mom of 3 teenagers!
A music career was never something I saw myself pursuing as a young girl. I married right out of high school and tried several different career paths before realizing I couldn't hold back the lyrics and melodies inside of me.
While pregnant with my 3rd baby I started learning guitar and songwriting between nap times and laundry loads. In 2016 I went to Nashville to record my first EP. Charged it all to a few 0% interest credit cards and got to work to pay them off...

Fast forward a few years of sleepless nights and amazing opportunities... I wouldn't trade this journey for anything! 



I am so glad you're here, and I want to give you a...


- Only 100 available -


I belive in this album so much, that I just want to get it into as many people hands as possible!! Just cover shipping and you will get:

  • Signed CD

  • ​Assortment Of Casey Kearney Stickers

  • Printed Lyric Sheet 

  • Free Digital Download

  • Secret Track... (Only On The CD)

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