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Casey Kearney is an artist in every sense of the word- singer, songwriter, performer and ultimate creative. Her fresh take on country music can be both upbeat and soulful, taking cues from her real life as a wife, mother, daughter, entrepreneur. Women everywhere connect with Casey's lyrics as she combines the sweetness of a Southern belle with the backbone of a strong country woman. 




Show Schedule



Corporate Events

Brian Greene

We have hired Casey to play several corporate events- each very different and she was amazing every time. We have even brought her on the road with her band and her connection with the crowd is the best I have ever seen. Somehow she makes sure the energy matches the event and crowd and without fail touches everyone's heart & soul. She is a star on and off the stage.

Private Events

Jaynie Dominguez

This woman is alive and vibrant. She’s is humble, engaging, love beams through her music...and she has such a repertoire!
I so enjoy her presence, would be amazing at any event! 
Don’t miss an opportunity to share in her many gifts, she’s a treasure.
I serve ladies who have left or been rescued from sex trade... Casey was enjoyed, inspiring and life giving to our group. 
We love Casey Kearney.

Proffitt PR

Jessica Proffitt Bracken | President Proffitt PR

Having been in the event industry for 6 years, I have worked with Casey a handful of times for Proffitt PR client events.  Casey's talent, infectious personality and professionalism are a few of the reasons we enjoy working with her so much.  Most recently we hired Casey for The Market Shops Pop & Shop event, Casey always draws a great crowd and gets everyone in attendance involved! This girl is a true local talent with a big city voice.

30A Events

Crystal Smith | Owner 30A Event Planning 

"Casey is the perfect addition to any event, from low key wine dinners to upbeat birthday parties.  I love working with her sweet spirit.  She is a professional musician with a wide range of music.  I will be calling her for more opportunities in the future!"

Highway 98.1

Bo Reynolds | Afternoon Radio Personality

"Guns and Glitter from Casey Kearney is a monster hit, because Casey Kearney is a monster hit! Her powerful vocals, incredible personality, and writing skills are a triple threat! Casey Kearney is a Superstar in the making!"

30A Songwriter Radio

Shannon Ireland

Show starts, soft spoken and sweet Casey Kearney.  Show continues, her first song is performed and transfomation to country/pop powerhouse occurs in an instant.  She performed all originals while playing guitar and keyboard.  The songs were written from those little things in life that occur on a daily basis.  We had a studio audience today, and they all left with huge smiles on their faces.

Gulf Place

Erin Chekaoui | CAM Gulf Place Community

"Casey Kearney's southern style and big voice make her a Gulf Place favorite." 

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