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Casey Kearney is a fresh take on the country music scene. Her personal songs effortlessly convey both the sweetness of a Southern belle and the steel backbone of a strong country woman with a little touch of rock and grit. Her music ranges from slow heartfelt ballads to upbeat crowd favorites and playful melodies. Her sound is a great representation of vibrant women everywhere.


Bands Of 30A

Casey Kearney is the founder and President of the not for profit organization "Bands of 30A" which hosts charity concerts to raising funds to meet needs in the local community. With the help of Crystal Smith and April Roach the Bands of 30A team has raised over $100,000 for local charities assisting in Hurricane Relief, Food For Thought, Westonwood Ranch, the Special Olympics and other deserving charities. 

30A Songwriters Festival

Casey was invited to play the 30A Songwriters Festival in 2019 and 2020. 

Top artists and writers come to Santa Rosa Beach for one of the most noteable Songwriters Festvials in the country.

"Best Country Artist"

Casey was asked to perform at the Beachcomber Music Awards X where she was also named the "2018 BEST COUNTRY ARTIST."   

The Bluebird Cafe

On a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee to play a private event Casey was given the opportunity to play at the legendary Bluebird Cafe. This was a special personal goal to play at this iconic venue. Casey was well received and excited about the experience.

Show Schedule



Proffitt PR

Jessica Proffitt Bracken | President Proffitt PR

Having been in the event industry for 6 years, I have worked with Casey a handful of times for Proffitt PR client events.  Casey's talent, infectious personality and professionalism are a few of the reasons we enjoy working with her so much.  Most recently we hired Casey for The Market Shops Pop & Shop event, Casey always draws a great crowd and gets everyone in attendance involved! This girl is a true local talent with a big city voice.

30A Events

Crystal Smith | Owner 30A Event Planning 

"Casey is the perfect addition to any event, from low key wine dinners to upbeat birthday parties.  I love working with her sweet spirit.  She is a professional musician with a wide range of music.  I will be calling her for more opportunities in the future!"

Highway 98.1

Bo Reynolds | Afternoon Radio Personality

"Guns and Glitter from Casey Kearney is a monster hit, because Casey Kearney is a monster hit! Her powerful vocals, incredible personality, and writing skills are a triple threat! Casey Kearney is a Superstar in the making!"

30A Songwriter Radio

Shannon Ireland

Show starts, soft spoken and sweet Casey Kearney.  Show continues, her first song is performed and transfomation to country/pop powerhouse occurs in an instant.  She performed all originals while playing guitar and keyboard.  The songs were written from those little things in life that occur on a daily basis.  We had a studio audience today, and they all left with huge smiles on their faces.

Gulf Place

Erin Chekaoui | CAM Gulf Place Community

"Casey Kearney's southern style and big voice make her a Gulf Place favorite." 

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Casey Kearney

Casey Kearney on stage