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I Forgot My Nieces Birthday, My Purse Made it Better

My purse is a black hole! I always carry a pretty large bag and a wristlet wallet since the bag is always SUPER heavy and usually has piles of stupid stuff in it.

My little niece turned 8 recently. Unless Facebook or my iCal reminds me I don't have a clue what day it is or typically anyones birthday, its bad I know, I am embarrassed.

I forgot to call her.

She only lives a half a mile from my house, but still I forgot to call the sweet little thing.

I felt terrible.

It was a Sunday morning when I saw her for the first time after. She said in her sassy little country voice "Aunt Casey it was my birthday and you didn't call me!!"

I dramatically got on my knees and said I am SOOOOO sorry. I sang her an overly animated version of Happy Birthday and said I will have you a present at your party, but come here let me see if have something for you now in my purse so you can forgive me forever ....

I started digging and I had:

2 half drunk plastic water bottles

27 receipts

A Small Bath and Bodyworks Sanitizer

2 bottles of sunscreen

2 Melted Peppermints I got at church

1 mint I got from Wild Olive (one of my FAVORITE restaurants in my town.)

A Sample of Aquaphor Cream I got when I got my eyebrows micro-


My Shure earbud pouch for my ear monitors at church

Empty Grape Icebreaker gum box

Mentos Menthol clear your sinuses tasting gum


My gun

3 pens, none that will probably work

My sunglass case, even though they stay on my head or face most of the time

$2 bills and some loose change

Smashed M&M's on the bottom of the bag from the last time I went to the movies

Lipsense Gloss

Regular Lipstick

3 bobby pins

iphone charger

and other weird misc items that would surely win me a contest at a bridal shower...I doubt anyone else has their husbands electric razor in theirs just saying.

I handed her all the change. Her eyes lit up. I handed her the $2. She squealed. I gave her the Aquapher sample, she laughed. I gave her the Wild Olive mint she said "These are my favorite!!" I gave her the sanitizer. She said "I've always wanted one of these!" I gave her a Chickfila receipt she was so happy.

She said "Thank you soooo much for forgetting my birthday!!!" She ran off and showed off her fun prizes to everyone. My sister sent me pics later of her using her "Aquaphor present" on her boo boo on her elbow.

13 days later is her sisters birthday. She was looking all jealous at these crazy fun treasures I dug up. I said "Do I need to forget your birthday too?!" She said no you better call me- I'll remind you everyday. (and she has!)

I was really just kidding with her and just trying to make her laugh, who knew she'd be so happy?!

What random weird things do you have in your purse?!


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