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FedEx + Nord + Dollar General = what?!?!?!

As I am on the phone with the nice man at Sweetwater (a music gear company) trying to locate my missing package. I truly laughed at how redneck this whole scenario played out- he got quite a laugh as well. 😆 #smalltownlife

FedEx + Nord + Dollar General = what?!?!?!

I ordered my Nord keyboard last week. It’s a really nice instrument. 😍 The stand, bag, and accessories came in several different boxes all delivered to the normal address they go to. 🎹 📦

Problem. 😬 There was a mix-up. The bag was too small. I called them and said I just need the correct size bag by Sat. They said no prob we will get it out right away- literally shipped out within the hour. 🚚

Friday comes, no package.😕

Sat morning before my gig I’m calling my family asking if they got it by mistake. Nowhere to be found. The tracking number says delivered. Weird. 🧐

Monday Sweetwater calls me back.

I tell them I never got the bag.

They call FedEx. ☎️

He calls me back.

He said, “Ummm they said the driver said you requested it to be held and picked up at this address _______.”

I said “I haven’t talked to anyone, I don’t even know what that address is. I needed the thing Sat. I was looking for it on Friday why would I even say that?!” #fakenews

He said “well best I can tell it seems to be a Dollar General. It’s really strange.” 🤨

He said let me call them back and see...

I joke a lot that our Dollar General in Holt is everything. It is our mall, pharmacy, grocery store, gift shop, home decor. It does it all....including FedEx pick up and delivery.

Who knew?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m going to assume in order to avoid our dirt road or maybe he was late for dinner, I don’t know, but our driver took it upon himself to leave my not cheap Nord bag at the Dollar General for me to pick up... without telling me. 🙄

I told the Sweetwater guy I didn’t mind. I would swing by and get it so he didn’t have to fight with FedEx. There are bigger issues in the world right?! 🦠😷

Dollar General was very happy to see me since it was a big package that by now had been there for days and days.

I can’t help it took that long to find the thing!

There it was, sitting behind the counter,

at Dollar General,

next to the Copenhagen and tabloids,

exactly where you would think it would be right?!

Will it soon be a Dollar General Minute Clinic with drive-thru Corona Testing. I mean it is clearly a full-service DG am I right?! Can I request a new gas station and a car wash though...

looking at you Cefco!


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