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My Music Room Redo- Crazy Boho Fun

So life is better clean and organized right? Does that always happen in my life? No. Me, my life and my house go something like this - clean and organize what I can as perfect as it can be …ready. set. destroy. Anybody else feel that way?! Yeah. I get you.

There are a couple of “catch all” areas that seem to pile up over months …or a year… maybe 2… Then one day I will wake up and say “TODAY IS THE DAY this mess goes away!” That morning most recently came about a week ago. I decided to just attack several large “shut the door and forget about” messes in my house. Its amazing how good it feels when its done - or at least better…

The room I want to share with you actually got organized and decorated all in the same whim of motivation- it was a miracle of miracles!

Unfortunately I had already started cleaning before I took the "before" pics so you don't get the full effect of the messes, but a general idea.

This small room was the room all of my babies were in until they were old enough to move upstairs. It then became a playroom until last year I kicked the playroom upstairs too with every intention of making this MY room…that was a year ago and it just now happened. I was using it but in the most unorganized hazardous way. If anyone complained I would just say “My room, my mess don’t go in there if you don’t like it!” …Now that its all done when they complain about my super cute, but not so comfy office chair I say “It’s my room, my chair, for my butt so don’t come in here and you don’t have to sit in it!!” I never knew I would ever sound so much like a 2 year old with all the “MY,” “Mine,” and “Not yours” I have been saying the past week!

I was not motivated enough to want to paint it again so I was working around what was here. It was like a neutral tan-ish color on the walls with a light blushy pink ceiling and pretty chandelier. I also didn’t want to spend much money on it. Since I love to go junkin’ I did already have a few things I could use and I just repurposed some other old things I didn’t like anymore. While I was deciding what direction I wanted to go it hit me this is MY room I don’t have to worry about it being too frilly or girly or kid proof or anything. I don’t have to hear “Ugh why would you do that??” from my husband or kids and then explain to them “THIS IS A THING! WATCH JUNK GYPSY OR FIXER UPPER OR ANY OTHER SHOW- just look at Pinterest people!!” they shake their confused little heads. Either way I could do whatever I wanted. Cute, fabulous, girly, glitter, gaudy, boho, fun, happy, busy, creative, full, colorful and just whatever I felt like at the moment! So that became my motto… “I like this. This makes me happy. I will make it work" -thus the furry white chair.

Here are some highlights of the process…

I’m a super amazing artist and this is how I draw out whats in my head when its all too big and heavy to try and move around a lot….JK I’m a terrible drawer, but they all make perfect sense to me and since I like to “wing” everything all the time it helps me!



I already had this chest and I liked it but wasn’t using it anywhere in my house. I always see pink furniture and love it, but know that it wouldn’t really go with anything so I don’t get it. It was a must for me to paint this a fun pink! [The new handles look fab, but the 3rd one had the wrong size screws with it so I have to take it back to Hobby Lobby]


​​I got these guitar pics cheap a long time ago but was tired of them. Painted them black then made my own glitter art. The boys keep asking if I am going to put words or anything on it but I probably won’t because I like them just like this…for now

I have quite a few old cd’s, cassettes, 8 tracks, and records that were mine, my mom’s or my Nana’s. I knew I wanted to use them somehow so I looked at Pinterest and got some ideas and tweaked them. Bicycle wheel, fishing line, and CD’s to hang. Cassette tapes in cases, hot glue and paint sticks is how I made the shelf. The records are hung randomly in the case and out….


The curtains were the hardest part. I wanted a lot and couldn’t figure out what direction to go. I wanted a random mess, but still perfectly cute and a little more frill than just typical boho. It was missing something and I had spent a while adjusting and fixing, I just couldn’t get it and had to stop to pick up the kids from school. On the way it hit me about the American flag swag thing I had laying around [I’m sure it has an actual name, but I don’t know what it is lol] When I got home I added it- that was the finishing touch and made them perfect for me! It ended up being 9 different fabrics with 3 different fringes added. I don’t sew so most of it is safety pinned or set just right to not fall, so don’t touch it who knows if it will stay -so far so good haha!!

I wish I had been keeping up with different things I have done all along my musical journey, but some of the more recent stuff that I have kept I made the big board for it. It looked boring so I added the boa and lights.

I figured this was an added bonus…one of my children had this slime/putty type stuff a few weeks ago and left it on the carpet to dry and it won’t come up. Since its kind of a shag carpet I will probably end up cutting it out, but for now it sits there as a reminder of my 3 little ones.

I also want a great rug, but I haven't made it out into the world to get me one just yet- I will soon!


I have high hopes that getting my “space” organized will help me and my focus get better. There are certain things like blogs and videos that I never have been able to get consistent on. Even though I will still probably write songs at random at least I have a place to sit down and finish it out without tripping over everything and getting stabbed with a razor cutter thing like Scott did a few weeks ago …he shouldn’t have been in there if he wasn’t fully prepared for the mess right?!

I hope someday soon you will wake up one morning and decide “TODAY IS THE DAY!” for you and clean up or fancy up whatever has been bothering you. It has nothing to do with spending lots of money its just mustering up that motivation to get it done! I ran across this blogger Allie Casazza and her stuff has been a huge help on simplifying, getting organized and motivated. If you are lost on where to start on living an intentional life she has really awesome stuff to help. Check her out.

Bottomline- whether you are a mod, clean, and contemporary kinda person or a crazy, gaudy, boho kinda person either way you are in charge of your life so make it happy and make it fun!

...It still has to hold all of my gear but at least its organized now!

The lights make it pretty even in the dark... I don't care that I'm not 12 anymore...I liked the lights and its MY room so they sparkle away as I adult on! <3

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