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NEW SINGLE - I Want To Dance

Casey Kearney Album Cover

I think the word that comes to mind when I think about this song being released is "FINALLY!"

This is one of the first songs I wrote--ever. It took under 30 min and I was in my truck sitting in my driveway when I wrote it. I was just learning to play and had band practice that evening. When they got to the house I told them I had written a new song and just kind of played it for them. I don't think I even knew what 6/8 timing was, but Matt Card could usually interpret what I was trying to say and taught me what it meant and helped sort out what I was hearing in my head.

We started playing it and we loved it.

Time moved on and I was in and out of music. I had several different bands over the years and some random shows I would throw it in the set, people always liked it, but eventually I didn't really play it much. It was pushed to the side and kind of forgotten. I honestly didn't think it was THAT good so I didn't even consider it for my EP I recorded in Nashville.

When I started gathering songs for my new album I revisited some old ones and realized I didn't even care anymore what was going to be considered "good enough" by everyone else. I liked it and it was special to me (for reasons I'll share later) I decided maybe other people will like it or maybe they won't but I wanted to record it either way. That process began...

I went through a couple of different producers before I was introduced to Jon Poole in Gainesville, GA, just north of Atlanta. He's a cool dude. A full time touring musician and music producer when he's at home. I sent him a voice memo from my phone of this song and he loved it and would say his normal JP phrase "I hear things, so many things!" as he would list off lots of musical instruments and crazy stuff. He's a quirky, creative guy and I love the things he "heard" that really added unique elements to the song. After several months of set backs and challenges out of our control we FINALLY were able to have our finished final version of "I Want To Dance."

We will roll with "its all in God's timing" because my timing for release looked a whole lot different than now, but it all seemed to work for the better and I am so thankful it did.

The single will be available on June 5, 2018 on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Store, etc... really most any where you listen to music. I would so appreciate your help in sharing and promoting the song as it approaches. Indie artists rely on friends like you who enjoy music to help continue to create music. Thank you for always supporting me! -Casey

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