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"Felicity" Available for Pre-Order!

After months of learning and adjusting and editing and crying and laughing, riding a roller coaster of determination mixed with fear and self-consciousness it is "PRE-ORDER TIME!"

If you missed my previous blog post me and my daughter Annabelle have written a children's book.

The idea for this book had been in my heart and head for a long time so I am excited to finally get it in your hands. - If you just can't wait to order here is the link -

The release day is April 3rd so your book will ship out then!

OK here is more back story for the rest of you .......

Why the name "Felicity?" My mom has always loved this word and passed the appreciation for it to all of us. The definition is this...

fe·lic·i·ty /fəˈlisədē/ noun

intense happiness.

Isn't that the best?! A beautiful word and a happy meaning. {Side story -Years ago my mom, my sisters and I had a cute little shop. It was called "Felicity Flair." It was a florist/gift shop/event planning type place. We LOVED it and it was going great, we had an awesome time doing it...but life kind of took over and we had to close. Felicity stuck with us though!}

When I was sorting through ideas for my book I pictured a fancy flamingo named Felicity. She was "extra" and her personality matched her name. Plus I liked that alliteration going on there, even though I didn't actually use it in the book.

My sister Brittney Sanchez made Felicity come to life in such a fun way. I love her illustrations and the way she interpreted the story. I didn't give her much direction just a few things here and there. Brittney's imagination is where all the details came from.

I could have never done this alone... I like to do a "brain dump" when I write songs, poetry, stories, etc. - whatever comes out I write it all down then edit from there. At first, I edited it myself then I had help from my mom who is a writer and several teacher/writer friends who were all able to make lists and check them twice! Late-night phone calls, Facetimes, and back and forth emails and texts with Brittney, my mom Lisa, Christy, Heather, and Laurie seemed to never end, but their help, ideas, and patience meant so much and helped to polish it nicely.

Credit also goes to the piles of podcasts and articles online I was able to research and be encouraged when I was ready to forget the whole thing!

This was all quite the learning process, but now that we are this close it has been so worth the journey.

Annabelle is learning so much as we go and I am enjoying having her involved.

It is a really weird time in the world right now. Quarantines and paranoia seem to be our new norm for a while. I have decided to go ahead and release the book even though a release party is not able to happen right now and school visits will have to wait. I think this is where online ordering and extra time at home could be a fun time to introduce your kids to "Felicity!" Pre-order your copy now and as soon as the release day of April 3rd is here it will be on it's way to you!

My text groupies are receiving an exclusive coupon code! If you would like to join text CASEY to 31996 and get 20% off.

Order your copies of "Felicity" here -->


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