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Las Vegas - Gigs, NFR, and George Strait

Casey Kearney Music

One of the most exciting adventures I have been on was my trip to play in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. (NFR) My husband, Scott, was able to go with me on this trip and we had the best time!

Casey Kearney

The fun started the moment I got on the plane headed there. As I am walking through first-class to my regular people seat I see Ashley Mcbryde- the country singer- I'm a big fan. She is very recognizable and I was like aaaahhh! I didn't say anything to her just kept walking.

Casey Kearney

At baggage claim there she was again with her whole band. I had just seen them play at the Opry in Nashville a few days before so I recognized all of them. She looked busy like they lost her luggage or something so I didn't speak to her, but I did go talk to her band.

They were super sweet and informed me they were there to open for George Strait. What?!? WE LOVE HIM. So that set a plan in motion at that moment. I started looking up tickets right there at the airport as I waited for Scott.

Scott, my dad, and the boys were hunting in Texas. My dad took the boys home while Scott flew to Vegas to meet me there.

Casey Kearney - George Strait

I was there to play several sets at Mandalay Bay and sing the National Anthem to open for the All In Barrel Race at the Orleans Arena. Top Barrel Racers from all over the country come to compete at this barrel race, it was cool.

I met a lot of super nice people at Mandalay Bay including Susie McEntyre, Reba McEntyre's sister. Her speaking voice and her singing voice sound identical to Reba, but she has earned her own success in the Christian music world. I played right after she did and it was an honor to meet her and her husband.

Casey Kearney Music - Susie Mcentyre

We were able to score some tickets to see the NFR which was exciting for both of us and our kids were super jealous.

There are thousands of booths set up at hotels all over Vegas. It is the ultimate in rodeo shopping. Clothes, jewelry, horses, decor, tack, anything and everything farm, ranch, and cowboy as far as the eye can see. It was a serious shopping overload.

George Strait - Casey Kearney

One of the nights we really did get to see George Strait in concert! We got terrible nosebleed section seats, but everyone around us at the concert got their tickets months before so we were fortunate to be able to get those. I'll be perfectly honest - if he was anyone else you might think it was a boring show BUT he's stinkin' George Strait, "THE KING," he didn't need anything else. All he did was go from corner to corner of the centered stage playing 2.5 hours of hits. Everyone there loved it and we were happy we got to see him. My Nana would have been extra happy to have known we got to go, she was a huge fan and always wanted me to marry his son. Though she always said Scott was the next best thing!

My kids are huge fans of a lot of the national rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. We were able to meet quite a few of them and get autographs. Dale Brisby and Fallon Taylor were the top favorites of the kids. They were really nice and did little videos saying hi to the kids.

Dale Brisby - Casey Kearney music
Fallon Taylor - Casey Kearney music

Vegas is honestly not my favorite destination in the US, I have been there twice. It is worth seeing just because. Going during the NFR was extra fun though, just to see Vegas taken over by cowboys and cowgirls. The weirdest thing to me this trip was this creepy sign in every bathroom stall. Finally, on the last day I took a picture of it just for you ... weird right??

Below in the National Anthem performance at The Orleans Arena.


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