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A while back I was having a conversation with my friend and she was asking about how you get on the radio. I explained from what I understood its a big money pay to play game and as an indie artist your best bet is to set your sites on internet radio stations and other outlets, from what I read basically that mainstream radio was next to impossible without a label and lots of $$$. So I told her the direction I was more looking at [pitching my songs to other artists to record and just play little local stuff] She was encouraging and just didn't really leave it alone and said nope I bet it will be on the radio someday. On a whim a week or 2 later I sent an email to the manager of a station with the link and basically said I'm a local and this is my first single ... I never heard anything so I assumed it was DOA.]

It was a random Wednesday in April. I'm sitting at awards day with my kids who all 3 got A/B honor roll. I don't have a good signal, but I get a text from the afternoon DJ at one of the Country Radio stations in our area that he heard my new song "Guns and Glitter" and wanted to get behind it... WHAT?!?! I leave the school and I get the voicemail about how much he really liked it and wants to see it go straight to the top...then he played it that afternoon. It was the craziest feeling and so much fun hearing my song on the radio for the first time! [the FB live video that is forever long is on my page if you want to watch haha] After that my phone and my FB BLEW up with people so excited about it.

He had me come in the next day for my first radio interview. I was excited and nervous, but mostly excited! At first we pre-recorded it and during that he asked me who was paying for it because production, musicians etc. all costs money? It caught me off guard. I kinda looked at him and my husband because I didn't know exactly how to answer it. I kinda whispered do I really say?! They both said I said well I decided I was going to pay for it all myself so I got 2 0% credit cards and got a plan together to pay for it all. He thought that was hilarious and a great part of the story... I probably would've left it out otherwise but hey why not?! After we laughed about all of that he said you want to just do it live? So I said sure lets go for it, and we did.

Over the next few days they played my song and chatted it up about me playing at the upcoming rodeo in Baker. It was so stinkin fun every time I heard them mention it on the radio, and you bet if I missed it someone was letting me know they heard it!

The rodeo came and went with much more fuss than I anticipated and we had a blast with it.

Now that my first radio experience has come an gone it was a good reminder how every day can be full of surprises.

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