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Behind the song "Sabotage"

Casey Kearney
Photo by Lyndon Jackson

When I say the words “________ tried to sabotage me” who do you think of?

An ex? A parent? An old friend? A co-worker? A boss?

Yeah your first instinct might be an actual person.

You could be right, and if you have a face to put with this new song I wrote with my friend Doug Kahan called “Sabotage” go for it.

But if you want to know the actual truth behind this song here it is …

The basic definition of sabotage is “an intentional destruction of something.”

I can’t honestly say I have had someONE intentionally try to destroy me, but you know what has? Depression, anxiety, self-worth issues, comparison, hormones, lack of confidence, etc. etc. THOSE things tried to sabotage my life.

If you take those emotions/feelings/things and personify them that is how I ended up with "Sabotage."

It started as an idea, I liked the word. Then I started thinking about the stinkin' devil and all the destruction that had ALMOST been caused in my life - I’m talking death here y’all.

When I was healthy enough to recognize it I was able to say

“You picked the wrong one to sabotage

cause I ain't scared to call you at your game."

Recognizing the signs and saying 'nope not this time' was a huge part of getting better and staying better.

It is not always a choice that will pull you out of that seemingly endless pit of darkness, but remembering you are stronger than you feel at the moment is half the battle.

You got this. Go ahead and say to yourself about the junk in your life or that ridiculous co-worker-

"Sabotage ain't working for you."

Don't waste your time giving it another ounce of your energy.


[To hear the very raw acoustic demo version of "Sabotage" with Doug Kahan on guitar text the word "CASEY" to the number 31996 and you will get a link to listen!]


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