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10 Fun Things That Keep Me Going

10 Things that keep me going. Pictured my Black 30A Hat and my Taylor guitar.
Casey Kearney - 10 Things That Keep Me Going

There are a few things I just can't get rid of in my life. Either they make me happy or feel better or they are just practical necessities. No my husband, kids or Jesus are not on this list because they aren't fun "things."

Here we go!

In no particular order ...

Our Horses - The BEST therapy in the whole wide world. They make me SO happy. If I am tired or stressed I just need to go groom or ride a horse and I feel better.

Casey Kearney on her horse Juliette.

Nutella - I seriously believe I could live off of it. I like it on strawberries or probably any fruit, bacon, pretzels, the peanut butter pretzel bites, toast, brownies, fudge, by the spoonful and anything else I might say "hmmm I bet this would be good." It's delicious and I don't know how everyone in the world can't love it.

Sunshine - I wish it wasn't so bad for my white, white, fair skin. I am trying to be better about it because of skin cancer and wrinkles, but ugh it feels so good. I love to work outside, play outside, lay by the pool. Sunshine makes my heart happy- good thing I live in the Sunshine State...even though it does rain quite a bit!

Casey Kearney 30A hat

My Black 30A Hat - Not my blue one or my green one or my gray one. Only the black one. It's the most comfortable, perfectly molded to my head and keeps my face from getting too much sun. It also helps me keep those squint lines at bay lol. I basically live in it when I am at home.

'It's a 10" Hair Serum - I am going to sound like a commercial here, but for real I have super fine thin hair. It has gone through stages of being brittle and the breakage was awful. I used "It's a 10" got it healthy then stopped and my hair went right back to being unhealthy again. Now I'm a lifer. I'm not sure if anyone can convince me there is anything better in the world for my hair!

My Phone and iPad - I honestly wish my phone wouldn't make this list, but at this point it may as well be considered an extra body part. It's terrible really. I don't play games at all though, Pinterest would be the closest thing to a game I have and I do love me some Pinterest. My phone is my contact to family, friends, work world and everything in between. I write songs with voice memos and notes, guitar tuner in a pinch, PayPal/Venmo/Banking I don't even have a checkbook! GPS, Instacart, and if it's not on my iCal or Tello board it's probably not really happening. Onsong is the app for my song catalog and it's perfect.

Amazon - Oh dear Amazon, let me count the ways... Let's just say me and Amazon have a bond like no other.

My Guitar - Sometimes if I go a few days without playing my guitar my fingers feel weird like they are itching to play. It's kind of funny. My guitar makes my mind, heart and soul feel better. I love that I can play and have fun on it, I can write and cry and heal with it, I can worship with it, I can just chill and relax with it. My guitar, especially my Taylor is super special.

Casey Kearney Taylor Guitar

Pizza - Pizza of all kinds. My children would not be alive if it was not for the glorious salvation of pizza. They will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it is available. I make homemade pizza when I'm feeling extra. We grab Hot and Ready's when we are on the go and if we are eating out many times it will be at some sort of pizza establishment. We love pizza.

There you go ...a few of my favorite things I just don't know how I could function without!

What are some of yours? I would love to hear about it!


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