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The "Awkward" Gun Debate

I really don't like to put myself in the middle of controversy, my family might would argue since I was quite the instigator growing up, but seriously "grown up me" doesn't like it! Yet, here I am in the middle of the "People vs Guns vs Each other vs Cops Debate" with a song that has lyrics like

"guns and glitter are my favorite things" and "pink and pretty I'll pull that trigger, I won't give up my guns and glitter." Yes it's "Guns and Glitter," but still could be seen as controversial or offensive to some, and has affected certain aspects of my musical endeavor because it is such a sensitive time.

It was never intended to be that way- you can read the "behind the song" blog post for the full explanation. But it has made me feel a little...awkward... it doesn't change my belief in the right for competent, responsible people to legally own firearms. I just didn't want it to be taken as disrespectful toward the situation.

In the wake of all of the sadness and tragedy I debated for a moment on pulling it. I had 2 shows the weekend of the Orlando shootings and considered not singing it there. Now with the recent events in Dallas here I go again struggling on a personal level and on a "career perception" level. But I had to stop and remind myself what I truly believe and be confident in that. I had to remind myself of the heart behind it and what I know to be true. I had to write a blog about it so at least I could sort it out this way! I also had to realize people are gonna say what they are going to say and do what they are going to do. They will book me or they won't and they will play my song or they won't.

Basically I decided to own it and share with you my beliefs, outside of the song, and outside of the immediate acts of violence.... this is my "bigger picture". . . . .

The loss of any life, of any color is a tragedy. Every single human being is a creation of God. The amount of love he has for human life is unfathomable.

I believe hurt people- hurt people. I believe this world is hurting, our country is hurting, people walking down the streets or sitting right beside us are hurting.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. I believe hate and horror fill the world and people want an object to blame. Rather than looking at the root of the my opinion the root is that the world needs more Jesus and that teaching core values and morals have been abandoned in todays society.

When did we become so quick to find someone or something else to blame rather than fix the actual problems? We place blame for everything from who got the kitchen floor dirty first, why we failed a test or lost a game, all the way to natural disasters, freak accidents and beyond. For our own personal character issues we blame our parents, how we were raised, our spouse, our kids, our environment...everyone except us.

The object of a gun can not speak. It can not argue a case. It can only sit and wait to be used. It can not purchase itself, load its self or shoot by itself. It can be used for evil. It can be used for protection against evil. Just like a baseball bat can be used to play the game of baseball or it can hurt someone. A knife can be used to cut up a tomato or cut a person. A box cutter, a fork, a paperclip, scissors, razors...anything can be used for good or bad. Where I live I know many families that the only meat in their freezer to feed their family is what they hunt and bring home. That's not evil that's survival.

Murder and hate is as old as Cain and Able. War and crime will always be something we will deal with, but the strength to rise above it, fight against it, and do our best to stop it has to be a priority. That's a people problem. That's a people issue. That's not a gun issue.

How about instead of blaming the guns, that can do nothing on their own, we work on the people pulling the trigger. We start raising kids with respect for life. We start intentionally showing love and grace to one another. Let's work on some of the anger and hate in the world by choosing to forgive and start fresh. Let's change the argument to something more productive like teaching the basics of kindness and goodness and self-control. Let's stop allowing "feelings" to dictate every aspect of our communication and start connecting to what is actually REAL, not the hyper-sensitivity mess we have become so used to dancing around.

The bad guys will never just lay down their weapons. The good guys must fight back both in the home and on the streets.

Let actions of love shout louder than the hate screams.

Fight evil with good. Shine your light in the midst of darkness.

As the song says "life can get ugly, but sparkle drowns it out"....throw some glitter on that ugly!!!

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