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About the Cover Art to "I Want to Dance"

Casey Kearney

I have a super crazy talented cousin, she has won tons of awards, taken countless breathtaking photos of families, weddings, newborns, and so much more. Her work has been featured on blogs and magazines galore. She has 4 kids and a husband but still manages to host workshops to teach other photographers strategies she has learned and created. She's pretty awesome. Her name is Kansas Pitts and if you need some amazing pictures you need her in your life!

I have been trying to get my song "I Want to Dance" released for quite a while, but had several set backs including Post Concussive Syndrome from a fall that has lingered for months now.

We had to squeeze in the photo shoot between everything she had going on in her life (a ton) and my gig/headache schedule. We literally took a few minutes one Friday night before I went and played a show.

I went to her “Warehouse 30A” where Kansas has an amazing selection of fabulous dresses and accessories. We brainstormed on the fly about what we were thinking. We decided to leave the lights and other gear in the shot, we liked the raw element to it. I also felt that it flowed with some of the lyrics in the song.

“Spotlights magnify one small picture, leaving in the dark everything that’s bigger ...”

When she sent several of the proofs to me immediately I knew it was this was the cover.

I hope you enjoy my new song "I Want To Dance" when it releases June 5 to all the major music outlets. You can help support independent music by purchasing, streaming, and sharing the song on your social media. I'm so thankful to have your encouragement, it helps me continue to make music.

For more information about Kansas Pitts Photography visit

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