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Are You Lying To Yourself?

Get rid of the scarf.

My closet is a never ending disaster I am always trying to maintain. I was sorting thru scarves I wear and scarves I don’t.

Keep, gone, gone, keep, this one has been around so long I gotta keep it, gone, gone, gone, keep.

Wait. What?

Why am I keeping the one I know I won’t wear anymore, just because I have had it forever?!


How many times do we do that with our lives?

We think "This anxiety has been around so long I gotta keep it. It’s part of who I am at this point."

or "I wouldn’t know who I was if I wasn’t battling depression or broke or miserable or searching for a new job or trying to find a major change of some sort to hopefully make me happy." "I don't remember how it feels to not have this anger and hate in my heart."

The list goes on and on ...This is me, sad, miserable, me.

News flash to us all..... Keeping a negative characteristic in our lives for memories sake continues to make our future look like our past...does anyone really want that??

I mean seriously I will NEVER wear that scarf again- I don't want to bring that back either! So why am I hanging on to some of these other things just because I'm used to it and think this is how it will always be.

Believing lies about ourselves just because we have always believed them does not make them true.

One lie I told myself and struggled with was a warped definition of what makes a person strong vs what makes them weak.

You might think “I have to stay strong for my family - meaning I don’t feel the pain. I don’t cry. I don’t admit that this is heavy and this is hard and I am tired, because I am strong.”

Yeah, that’s not healthy and that'll catch up eventually.

A very good friend, Mrs. Sharon Parkes, told me one day when I was overwhelmed “Casey, it's just like they tell you on an airplane you need to put the mask on yourself first before you try and take care of everyone else.”

Truth bomb.

So hey - here is permission - you need to take care of yourself for a minute.

Be honest with yourself..

It is ok to cry it out and admit you need help.

It doesn’t make you weak it makes you human and it takes more courage and strength to admit that than it does to continue to press through.

How do I know this so well?? Been. There.

You don't have to be strong every minute of every day. Take a break and put your mask on, friend.

I wrote this song "Sustain Me" a while ago and yet when I went to record a video of it recently it still made me a little emo. Its not perfect, but it comes from a place of realizing I can't do everything on my own. Hope it speaks to your heart.


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