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My 3 kids rodeo. This is a little bit of what that looks like...

breakaway calf roping
Levi breakaway roping.

I am a musician, but I am a mom first. My 3 kids found their passion in the rodeo and we have been in deep ever since, loving every minute of it.

Before the kids were born my husband, Scott, team roped and I did a little bit of barrel racing. When the kids were little they had no interest. They loved sports, especially baseball. We could not manage it all so we sold everything.

The kids had played baseball, football, basketball, cheer, dance, gymnastics, the list goes on ... until they decided they really REALLY wanted to ride horses again. Rodeo they said- Pleeeeeeasssse let us rodeo!!

Seriously? We had everything for that and sold it all.... now you want to do it?!! #parenting

We gave them a trial period to see if it was a phase, but they were hard core and they had the fever bad.

They learned to ride and do their events all at the same time. Within a few months of working hard they began competing. Everyone is still learning as they go.

Goat tying
Micah getting off of his horse for goat tying.

It is scary and exciting to watch them do their thing. The boys events are team roping, breakaway roping, goat tying, and chute dogging. My daughter does barrels, pole bending, breakaway roping and goat tying.

We let the boys ride bareback steer ONE time to get it out of their system, I stressed so much I cried. It was bad. Now they can say they have done it and can check it off of their list, but they will have to ride broncs and bulls after they move out and I have no say. This mama ain't having it!

We love it all so much, but it is A LOT of work mixed in with the play. 

There are tons of daily chores that go into caring for the horses. They practice something every day - either they are roping a steer or calf dummy, tying a goat dummy, or at an arena riding the horses practicing.

Rodeo weekends look a little bit like this:

Pack clothing for 5, including ironed rodeo shirts for both days [the ONLY time I will iron!], play clothes, an extra set of rodeo clothes (because there was the time Levi ripped the butt right out of his jeans chute dogging several hours from home!) 

Barrel racing
Annabelle barrel racing

Pack food for camping for 5 and extra to share with other families at the arena because everyone likes being social and it makes it more fun. Snacks, drinks, etc. If we don't do this it will be non-stop requests to go to the concession stand, at least having some stuff there cuts down some. We have a little mini grill and a toaster oven so sometimes we get creative. We need sheets and towels... which I need to go take care of right this second!

We have to pack all of the tack [saddles, bridles, blankets, bell boots, splint boots, etc.] hay, feed, water buckets, and panels for the horses--so much stuff.

Specific rodeo event supplies like ropes, goat strings, gloves, hats, helmet, etc.

Generator, extra gas, table, chairs, tent...Annabelle did you get your helmet... usually it’s a no and we have to go back.

Is there a theme for the day to dress your horse? Don't forget that stuff. Glitter? Annabelle, where is your glitter?

Arrive on Friday evening to set up camp in the midst of all the other horse trailers and families.

When we were really new at it we didn’t realize the importance of getting there early. We learned our lesson one rodeo we got there late and ended up stuck in the mud and just stayed there until morning when someone could pull us out. It was a mess!

Rodeo Day 1 starts around 9am and goes non stop until 5pmish. It is usually either really hot or really cold. 

Everyone hangs out, takes care of horses and eats. Kids run around being kids.

Sunday morning is cowboy church.

Rodeo day 2 events 

That evening we start packing up, head home exhausted, but with full hearts. Most of the events are within a 1-3 hour drive.

Monday it all has to be unpacked. The orange clay is on everything and we don't know if we will ever see the bottom of that laundry pile! 

Recover and prepare to go at it again soon.

Our oldest aged out of the junior rodeo so this year we are a part of 2 different associations and a couple of our favorite one day events. So our weekends in the fall are pretty packed with rodeo fun.

We have been making the best memories and loving this adventure with the kids. I usually have gigs the nights before we leave, when we get back, and sometimes in between, but we work together to get it all done...sometimes we work together nicely other times there is that "Let me hear ya'll fight one more time and _______........" #momlife

Junior rodeo
Scott and Annabelle after a good run.

It’s funny we didn’t see this #rodeolife coming with the kids, but it has sure been a fun surprise. We are thankful for the opportunity to do it and feel so blessed.


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