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My Most Embarrassing Shows

Casey Kearney

I have played some super cool venues that everything went as perfectly as it could go and then there are the moments you never forget.

Those "it was out of my control" or "I walked right into that one"or "oops" kind of moments. I don't embarrass easily because I typically just laugh things off and move on butttttt some things stick with you.

These are the moments I am still laughing about whether they happened 3 years ago or yesterday. You can laugh with me.

Here we go .........

I swallowed a bug mid song and choked.

Casey Kearney

Not choked as in I got nervous, I was literally coughing, itchy throat choking on a bug.

It was a nice big stage, cool sound guy and the last few minutes of the show.

I had a couple songs left and the guy playing after me had just arrived.

It usually feels like one of those "don't mess up moments" when a fellow musician arrives.

But, today was not my day. I took a good breath in the second verse and it went in. I barely made it through the song, it was rough. I tried to keep going, but no water or coughing could get me back to finish.

Good times.

Knocked That Mic Stand Right Over Midsong

I have 2 semi-diva requests typically, I want my own mic and usually prefer my mic stand when possible. It is set the same every time and I am perfectly comfortable with it and my germophobic self can't stand the thought of mic sharing when I can help it!

This day it was only a 45 min full band set so I didn't bother.

We get to a fun part of the song I raise my hands to clap and bam hit that mic stand with my arm and it hits the stage in a loud crash.

Not in a cool rockstar way, more in a clumsy ouch kinda way.

I laughed and picked it up quickly and finished the song.

Casey Kearney

I explained to the audience after the song while it could have been embarrasing it's just another thing on the list because I've done worse!

The sound guy after said he was going to bill me for the mic.

Dude you shouldn't have a tiny boom stand that gives me no room to express myself

....or so I thought lol.

I really just laughed, apologized and got out of there as fast as possible!

I Forget Words, Sometimes it Matters

I add new songs to my set list all.the.time. covers and originals. There are some songs I have sung no less than 8,000 times. The words just come out on their own and my fingers just play automatically. During these songs I am usually thinking about what I want to eat for dinner and imagining what that couple at the corner table are probably fighting about.

But sometimes words are no where to be found in my brain.

Usually on a cover someone can fill the words in or I mumble and no one cares or notices.

This day it was an original song that told a story. I had introduced the background behind it.

People were really listening.

I had their attention in my very sad, emotional song,

Casey Kearney

I am in it deep and I could not recall a single word.

I had nothing, my mind was totally was an important part of the story and helped move the song along.

I should've been able to make something up on the spot I suppose, but dang it that idea didn't come to me fast enough.

I hmmm and mumbled and was like yeah nobody can help me now with this, I am on my own ....I laughed and said weelllll and just skipped to the chorus.

Basically my song made no sense and my lead into it was a big let down.

Laughing that one off this time was a little more difficult, I needed those words!!

That was the Blog 3. Do you want the Top 3???

There you have 3 of 6 of my most embarrassing shows. I probably have more, but these top 6 are etched in my brain!

I read all 6 to my kids and they picked the top 3 worst ones to save for my texting groupies.

(One of them made them laugh until they cried!)

Sign up below and you'll get exclusive access to these show stories that haunted me for a little while after they happened and I kinda can't believe I am reminding anyone about it!!

Use the form above or follow these steps:

1. Open New text message.

2. In the number section type 31996

3. In the text section type CASEY

4. Hit send.

5. That's all!!


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