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My Songwriting Process

A big question people like to ask is which comes first melody or lyrics when you are writing a song?

For me they usually come about the same time, but I will usually change both a few times before I consider a song finished. Every songwriter is different and everyone has a different process.

I consider myself a more random songwriter than an "I have a deal with a publisher" or "songwriting is my job kind of thing."

I write often, but its not my ONLY thing, my mind and my obligations are usually in a million places and I don't have deadlines to meet to fulfill contracts etc.

Another question I get asked is where do you get inspiration or ideas?

I may hear a word that I think "oh that word sounds cool!" I will look up the exact definition and see what story or thought I can wrap around it to build on.

I love country music because it is all about storytelling. I love to hear other people's life stories they may say one line that triggers something and I will jot it down in my phone and come back to it later. I may make up the rest of the details, but all I needed was the one line to get started.

Sometimes while I am in the middle of one song if I'm not feeling the placement of a particilar verse it may end up in a completely different song. One time I started writing one, but ended up with 3 totally different spin off's.

So when I talk to people I get ideas. When I'm living life I get inspired, but that living life doesn't give me much time to write....

Honestly I can't get any writing done at home.

I have tried.

Every 5 min someone is coming in with some sort of interuption - you remember we homeschool, they rodeo, we are building a barn, our house is being completly replumbed, there is laundry and dinner and life and writing songs doesn't always fit in... like ever.

So I leave.

This is my third time doing this and it's what works for me- in fact it's the only thing that works for me.

Me in a hotel room or a good friends condo for a day or 2 with my guitar and my ipad focused on getting it done.

Maybe if I was better at writing or life management I could do it at home, but overall it is the way I have found to be the most productive.

Are you creative and lacking inspiration? Go away even if its just for a few hours. Get some quiet time alone. Accomplish something. You will be so glad you did!

I just got back from a few days at my friends condo in Seagrove on 30A. I would write during the day, gig that evening and write more when I got back. It was a beautiful perfect place. Check it out here on Airbnb and get you some time away.

One of the several songs I finished was a song I named "Waffle House." My good friends Rob and Kelli got married and slow danced at a Waffle House after. They still do from time to time just because, which is extra adorable. I always thought it was the sweetest thing and wanted to write a song about it for a long time. I finished it while I was away recently. It doesn't get much more "country music" than a love story that involves a Waffle House!

I have several shows focused on original music coming up like the Panama City Songwriters Festival and the 30A Songwriters Festival. Follow my schedule on my website or the Bands in Town App to stay up to date!


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