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New Single "Fight" Out 1.17.20

Hey Hey!

Starting off 2020 with a new single releasing on all streaming platforms Friday 1.17.20.

This song started out as an idea several years ago in a writing session in Santa Rosa Beach with singer/songwriter Will Thompson. We ran out of time that day and did not get to finish it.

I forgot about the concept until a year or 2 later. I found some older stuff and was reading over what we had done and decided to complete it.

I went to Georgia and worked with producer Jon Poole who added cool creative elements to the song.

Whatever your favorite streaming platform is it will be there on Friday! If you like it or even don't like it, I would love your feedback -email me at

I am always grateful for the support you show me in my music and all of the shares to your friends and community really do help. I have another "Behind the Song" blog coming to you this week!



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