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O Holy Night With Forrest and Pherrel Williams

So I have never been a huge fan of Christmas music. I will play it when it is requested and will listen to some of it when it comes on the radio, but overall I don't seek it out.

I decided I wanted to record something festive though, maybe I'm a little extra jolly or something this year I'm not sure what came over me!

I asked my friend Forrest Williams if he would be interested in recording it for me and if Pherrel would want to play piano, they said yes. I went to their home studio one morning and we tracked it raw, simple and quick.

Forrest and Pherrel have always been nice to me from day 1 of my musical journey. They have encouraged me and helped me however they could... in case you didn't know in the musical world that is NOT always the case and some people are competitive, insincere and just plain rude! These 2 are the total opposite and I have always appreciated their support.

Pherrel is a human metronome and SOOO talented, you have to see her play bass, keys, and sing harmonies at the same time when she is playing in their Band, its fascinating. I learned she started playing paying gigs at 13 years old!! She is awesome.

Forrest has also played music forever and is a singer/songwriter. His love of country music and story songs is something I have always been a fan of. Forrest produced their recent album at their home studio. He did a great job with it if you haven't heard it yet check them out here

As far as the cover photo for "O Holy Night" my talented cousin Kansas Pitts Photography captured it in her studio "Warehouse 30A" in Santa Rosa Beach. Check her work out here

My sister Brittney Sanchez added the Christmas touches and the text. SHe has a graphics company appropriatly called Side Hustle. Check that out here

To be perfectly honest my dad sings this a million times better than I do. Yep, its true I have conceded that he is better. Of course I have always known this, but of course I can not let him know that I know this!! #family

To hear my less than my dad version of O Holy Night click below ;)


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