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Oh the mixed feelings a New Year can bring...

Casey Kearney campfire
My favorite way to spend New Years is by a fire with friends while the kids run around playing Capture The Flag.

There have been many a January that I was ready to take on the world and others where I just wanted to make sure I actually survived another year.

I think reflection of the previous year and goal setting moving forward is fantastic. I also think it can be so frustrating and disappointing when life throws curve balls you just can't hit and we spend too much time comparing and measuring our successes and failures to each other.

We are being bombarded right now with mantras, motivation, "Get your 2020 Vision," and new decade, new year, new you, etc, etc... I don't know what your newsfeed looks like, but mine is overloaded!

So I could say I won't join the crowd, but I guess I am - sort of ...

These are a few things I already try to do and intend to do more of in the next year and over the next decade.

1. Say Happy New Week - every week! We say Happy New Year every 365, so how effective could we be if we were intentional every 7 days to stay focused?

Every Monday I like to look at the week and say these are the things I'd like to accomplish this week. Taking it little by little helps me be more consistent. I also like to look at each month to make sure I'm staying on track. To take on the whole 12 months at one time intimidates me. I am able to keep myself accountable to what I really want to acheive in the year if I break it down into smaller time frames.

2. Learn to have fun, enjoy the moment, stop stressing.

I am a list maker and goal setter and over the last 6 months or so I have tried to be super intentional with how I spend my time. If I am working I am working, if I am off I am off. I don't always get it right, but it is a constant goal I strive for. Using the time limit feature on my phone has really helped me keep track, more on that later.

3. Pace myself.

Let's face it the journey is the fun part and if we are too exausted and stressed to enjoy the ride then what are we doing it for?! I am all about the hustle, but not at the expense of joy. Some days are hard, some weeks are terrible, but when we can maintain a peace and find a pace that is sustainable we are less likely to burn out before we have reached our goals.

Casey Kearney Scott Kearney

I pray that we are all able to let the past stay in the past and look toward our future with optimism and hope trusting Jesus every step of the way.

Blessings to you friend,

2020 we are ready for you!


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