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Surprise - We wrote a book!

Casey Kearney and Annabelle Kearney

Sometimes you hold on to an idea for a long time before you just go for it. That is what happened to me with this one ...

I wanted to write a childrens book for several years.

I had certain parts of it in my head and the general concept of the message I wanted, but never could settle on how to write it and what to do, my thoughts were all over the place.

Last year, late one night I woke up and typed the whole thing out in my phone and went back to sleep. Of course it was edited multiple times through out the process, but it was that quick that all of the ideas came together.

This is TOTALLY new territory for me, so I had to research and then research more on writing and launching a book.

I asked my super creative, interested in graphic design sister, Brittney Sanchez, if she wanted to tackle illustrating my book. She said, yes. She had to research a lot also and learn all kinds of new things. We have laughed and cried many times in this process!

What started all this??

I have been a little "too much" my whole life - too bossy, too serious, too loud, too quiet, too gaudy, too flashy, too motivated, too busy, too _______ <---fill in the blank - I have been called "too much" of it! Then I had daughter who well.....inherited an extra dose of this "extra!"

It has taken me my whole life to grasp the concept that these are not "bad" things, they are just different and you have to learn to embrace and manage them.

Every single personality test I have taken, and I have done many, all come out with the same result - that small percentage of highly motivated, bossy, and/or Type A | High D | 8w7 (if you are into personality profiling you know what those mean!)

Watching my daughter and other young girls with strong, unique, colorful personalitlies with big ideas and even bigger dreams struggle frustrates me and makes me sad.

I want them to learn to be kind and loving, but embrace those things that make them different. Be motivated and ready to tackle big things no matter what the circumstances are. There is nothing wrong with being quiet and shy, but there is also nothing wrong with being the one to help get things done- the world needs both!

Felicity was born.

A book written by Casey and Annabelle Kearney

She is a flamingo unlike any of the other flamingos. She is "too much" in every way, but learns that taming herself down for the sake of fitting in won't help anything.

We just got the proof book in and we are SO excited. We will be launching a pre-order soon, but I HAD to at least tell you about it now.

I decided to add Annabelle as a co-writer and bring her along this journey. She has helped in the inspiration, editing, and decision making. I wanted her to be a part of this creative process because there is so much to learn through it...and we homeschool so bonus lessons in the process!

It is also one of the most indimidating projects I have ever attempted- I want her to see it's ok to do scary things.

Fail or succeed at least we did it.

We have kept it a secret for a long time and we can't wait for you to see it!

I'd love for you to be a part of my text group and receive special updates and a special discount when the pre-order launches! - Text CASEY to 31996


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