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Let's Get It Started

Doesn't that title automatically put Black Eyed Peas in your head - go ahead sing it for a moment.... oh you thought I meant the actual pea?! ummm no. The song. Annnyywaayyyss......this is my first ever blog post of my whole entire life. Can. You. Believe. IT? Great start huh?!

So whatever you want to call this little music business venture I have begun, it is certainly an adventure, and a scary one at that! I'll do another blog about the back story of all this music madness later, but for now my brain is fried for the day. What have I been doing you ask?

Well everyday, hhhmm most days, I work on stuff, learn stuff, write stuff, practice stuff, grocery shop, help with homework, laundry, baseball and softball, clean, I would say cook, but I don't do that unless I have to (thats another story for another day!) Everyday is busy. I am a person who does not really rest in the normal definition of the word "rest." Some call it an obsessive personality with a little dose of crazy, but my mind and body just goes all the time! I stay busy. Its not necessarily a bad thing and I have things I love to do that are restful to me, like ride my horse or lay by the pool... I'm probably planning something at the same time... but loving every minute of the sunshine! I make lists everyday and sometimes I add the already accomplished things to the list just so I can cross it off - it makes me feel better!!

How did I get on all of this?!

Oh! What I did today... today I listened to a 2 1/2 hour webinar about marketing and strategy and all the wonderful tools you have at your fingertips to help sell your music and generate buzz and get fans and sleep better and lose 20 pounds and have more energy and get you a whole new view on life....ok from sleep on that wasn't true..... but it was all about the internet and how nowadays we have the "whole world at our fingertips so who needs a local base when Singapore can hear your music while you sleep".... that is so very true, but wow is it a long way to Singapore from here and somehow I need to connect with some sweet, tough Singaporean chick who likes to shoot guns and cover things in glitter like I do AND who loves killer electric guitar solos and long walks on the beach ... Ok I am sorry about all the sarcasm ... but hey maybe my new Singapore chick friend likes sarcasm too who knows? Anyways, I like my local base I have built and I am building so I don't want to just think global or just think local because I'm obsessive remember, so ideally I'd rather have both lol! But I also live in reality ......even though the internet is at my fingertips and even though I have been introduced to all of these tools, its a scary gigantic ocean to get lost in and my definition of success doesn't look like a lot of other musicians definition of success. I'm not in it to be famous, I don't need to be on the radio, I don't really even care about ever getting signed by a label. I love to create, I love to play and I love to write and if people want to hear it -great - if its just for me and my 3 kiddos to rock out to I'm ok with that too! This music thing doesn't make or break me and who I am as a person took a while to figure that out and be totally secure in that! Breakthrough moment -applause please!

So best I can figure is they said fans want to "connect and know you" thus the blog ...never thought I'd start a blog. You wanna know why? Besides not having THAT much to say to consistently post on a blog, proper grammar and exact punctuation does not flow out of me like a river. I like to write how I talk and that is fast and a little messy, but I get the point across! I've always been afraid of the grammar nazis that prowl the internet looking to pounce on the stupid chick deciding on a whim to jot some junk down and call it a blog ..... and yet here I am ...

So if you survived this first little venture of a post congratulations you win! The prize is ...well... nothing ....they told me to give away free stuff in the webinar ....buuuttt I don't have anything to give you yet! So you win my gratitude, love, and appreciation!!! Yay you!!

I listened. I learned. I made a step toward progress today. Let me go add start a blog to my list so I can check it off...

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