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FINALLY!! A Worship Album is on its way...

My first calling in life was and always has been a worshiper. One of the very first songs I ever wrote was called Made to Worship....

I, I was made to worship you

I, I was made to worship you

To bring you glory in everything I do

Oh I, I was made to worship you

The very first place discovering my voice and songwriting gifts were in church. The overcoming of my fear and crippling stage fright was a strength given to me by God and worked through in the walls of my church in front of grace giving worshippers that were there for the same reason I was. Most were not concerned with perfection in my voice or my nerves, but in the heart of sacrifice to worship the Lord. I am forever grateful for that learning and growing experience. Recording a worship album is more special to me than anything I have done so far because the desire has been there for so long. Its no secret I love country and rock music styles. I have always wanted to create a sound with my "Jesus" music that was still consistent with that vibe, but had the anointing and power behind it to set people free and touch the fathers heart. Every genre under the sun belongs to heaven. The devil created nothing even if he claims to have because he corrupted so much of it. There is an energy and a vein and a sound that God laid on my heart and I am excited to release that. I'm excited to FINALLY see it thru. A big portion of my band I have is very young, but loaded with talent, faithfulness and heart. They aren't boxed in by the way "church music" should sound they are willing to take risks and try creative things which gives a fresh perspective you can't always get from a band raised around mainstream worship/church music.

I have written countless songs and have prepared for this for a very long time. The timing and the right connections of people to record it just never worked out....until now!!! We have the opportunity to have Resurgent Sound come to Crestview, FL and produce and release a "world class quality FULL album" as they describe it. [Soooooo exciting!!] The recording will take place in November. We are confident that God is in this and will make a way. I ask for your support in prayer and encouragement. This is quite a leap of faith and will need the love and prayers of the supporters who know and believe in this project. At my radio interview with Bo Reynolds at 98.1 he asked me about how I was paying for my Nashville project. Until that point I wasn't really saying how I actually financed it all myself and how I was determined to work and pay it off without my husband having to bail me out once again...although he never complained about it and has always believed in me! When he asked I was just awkwardly honest ..."I got 2 0% interest cards put it on there and started booking places to play to get it all paid off." I gave myself a timeline and a goal. I knew just selling the music was tough so God gave me the idea for my "Firestained" jewelry line. That helped give me a boost. Still working on it, but pretty proud of how far I've been able to get so far!

For this worship album I had decided that I was willing to do the same if that was what was necessary. I believe in it so much and love how God's timing has worked in this. When my personal health and life had been pretty rough for quite a while and things were getting darker and darker He knew just when to turn that little flashlight on to say "guess what? there is more...and its good this time." People have been so excited about it and have been so generous in helping to finance this one I have no doubt God will provide the rest. If you want to be a part of investing in the project contact me and I can tell you how! (It's all tax deductible too!)

I hope this can bring hope to your heart that eventually something good can happen. In the midst of hopelessness and disappointment, closed door after closed door...after stinking closed door - the right one will eventually open. You are not forgotten no more that He forgot about me ...even if he was quiet and it felt like I was forgotten, punished, cursed, looked over, and ignored. That is not really his heart and that was never really the case. He loves us and wants greatness for us. It may feel like may even really take forever...but he is faithful. He loves us. He loves us.

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