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My Motherhood Songs...

A simple quick video was all we were going for when we decided to record this song in honor of Mothers Day. We ended up going super simple when the totally unstaged, unedited version ended up being imperfectly perfect! These playful little boys are my nephews at my sister Brittney's house. Her husband literally just brought that mattress in and dropped it off as they were working on the boys rooms. Perfect timing right?

I understand some people may not be able to relate to the chaos that motherhood can be and you may have this thing down, but I know some of you Mamas feel me. I blame my mother. I think she was so good at being a mom, loving us, teaching, us and taking care of us that she made it look easy. IT'S NOT. I can't find one single easy thing about it! Is it a blessing? Yes. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the word, but easy? No. Fun? Sometimes. Terrible? Sometimes.

*Disclaimer* I prayed and cried month after month during 4 years of fertility issues-(see previous blog for full story on that) I know the pain and I am so very sorry for all of you sweet ladies struggling and I pray for you and your situation. Please understand I am not trying to minimize the desire, the dream, and the aching to have the gift of motherhood. I am just shining a light on the not so pretty parts they don't always tell you about!

These little humans we have been entrusted with are amazing creatures who make us laugh, cry, love, puke, scream, and throw things ...and they do all that stuff sometimes too! I'm so thankful for every day with them and I hope you love and cherish all of your moments with your kids because they do grow up quickly. So wipe that snotty nose like the Wonder Woman you are. You got this Mama.

For a little slideshow of my crew and the nice song I wrote check out "Enchanting" below, its available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play also.

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