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Getting Better & Making Up For Lost Time

Casey Kearney

Do you ever get the feeling you are making up for lost time? That’s me. Always. Music, motherhood, everyday life feels like a game of “catch up.” I am learning slowly but surely that step by step is the best way to go.

I started this year out deciding to be “intentional.” I had big plans and written schedules of the things I wanted to accomplish and the time blocks I would be able to do it in to keep it all balanced. I was stopped in my tracks mid-February then again in June. If you don’t know about my concussion stories you can check those out

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Casey Kearney

It's interesting what happens when you literally are DOWN. There is no rushing it along, there is no push through the pain, there is nothing you can do except stop. I could barely function. It may sound odd, but I absolutely experienced the 5 stages of grief in this Post Concussive Syndrome recovery process.

1. Denial and isolation

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

Once I finally got to "acceptance" I finally started making faster progress. It wasn’t me constantly battling my emotions of pretending it never happened, being angry for being helpless, begging Scott or Doctors to just let me do what I want to do, being sad that all I had worked for was just going away. I just rested in the fact that it was out of my control completely. It was a rough few months. I am thankful because I know it could’ve been much worse.

I still struggle with back and neck pain, but I have started physical therapy… finally! The brain/concussion part of my head is soooooo much better. They think the daily headaches I still get are coming from my neck so they intent to do a nerve block at some point. I’m encouraged at the track we are on.

As soon as I started feeling better I hit the ground running. August is a blur because we filled it up so much making up for the summer we lost!

We went on a family vacation to Branson, Missouri with a stop in Laurel, MS to visit my husbands sweet family. Trout fishing, the aquarium and largest Bass Pro Shop were the #1 goals of this trip. We did it all and then some.

Preparation for back to school is always an adventure. I now have 2 middle schoolers, 6th and 8th grade. They are almost the same height and weight, its so interesting to watch them grow. My 4th grade little girl thinks she is grown, but still so sweet.

Casey Kearney

I was able to fulfill all of my scheduled gig dates for August which felt like success. I hated having to cancel so many this year. Coffee has definitely become an addiction now, but I'm not going to lie its a delicious one!

Took a quick trip to New York City with my mom. I had been a couple of times before but it was her first time. We had the best trip and loved every minute.

Casey Kearney

Our church has been remodeling a new/old building. We have been helping in that process. It’s looking so good. I love that my kids will work so hard. We have taught them all their lives to use tools, build, paint, work, etc. They have been great helpers.

Christ Family Church
Casey Kearney

Of course with all of the things I have been doing I have a list a mile long of all that I want to do, but I understand I have to pace myself.

Even though I would have preferred a different path or at least one a little less painful obviously there were many lessons to be learned through it and I am thankful for all of them. I started mapping out my fall then started thinking really?! Should I even bother??? One day at a time.

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