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The Story Behind the Song "Story"

When I introduce this original song called "Story" at shows I always say "I'm from a small town where people run their mouths too much about everyone's business, even though they don't usually know what they are talking about. Can anyone relate?!" Everyone always smiles that "I get you" smile in agreement. Often someone will inform me that it doesn't just apply to small towns, it happens everywhere!

So whatever circle you run in I think we can all agree most people only know the pieces of the story they have witnessed on their own or what they have been told. They may not know EVERYTHING, but most of the time the details they have are enough to make good conversation. Once they add a few extras to spice it up they have an interesting tale to tell, who cares if its accurate if its interesting, right?!

Reality is we know we are ALLLLL guilty of it! Every last one of us have told stories that were not ours to tell at one time or another. So lets take my little I'm #overit song and just decide to be nice to each other and stick to our own lives. We can let all of our family, friends, enemies, and random strangers narrate their own life story... we can help spread the happy stuff!

Truly I love small town life and all of the fun things that make it special. Hope you enjoy "Story."

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